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February 2024

I thought it would be good to show the journey involved in making a Moon Jar. The pot is created using two bowl forms joined together and finished on the wheel. Firstly the bowls are turned to create foot rings which will then be finished at the final stage. The bowls are then joined together to make the basic moon shape. A sausage of clay is worked into the area where the pots join to ensure a good bond. The pot is then returned to the wheel for the finishing process which involves removing the excess clay and then smoothing the surface. At this point the hole is made for the top of the...

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January 2024

Christmas and the New Year flew by and I am back in the studio and making pots again after a cold weather break! I will be focusing on refining the Moon Jars, making bowls and large platters. As always, I will also continue experimenting with glazes. I have a few different activities planned for the spring including exhibitions and fairs and will be giving more details in the next blog.

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Christmas 2023

Wishing all of you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2024. Thank you to each person who has bought one of my pots, enjoyed looking at them or who has given me positive feedback when I have been selling them this year. Your support is essential and highly valued and I appreciate it very much. I am delighted that the Moon Jars seem to be popular and many have now found good homes! I seriously love making them so there will be more coming soon.  I will be back at Gerrards Cross when the markets resume in the Spring.  This is such a lovely market  with  wonderful food...

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